Where possible, we work with family members to reunite families or keep them connected. This can mean arranging mediation or providing respite. Sometimes it’s just not possible, or at least not for a while, and that’s where the refuge can come in.

The Girls Refuge has a criteria for admitting girls to the service which are governed by our funding agreement with NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Girls aged 13-15 will be admitted with the consent of a parent or guardian. We will contact you by phone, email or in writing to discuss:

  • admission to the refuge - You need to know that your daughter (or, if you’re a guardian, the teenager in your care) is staying in a safe place.
  • financial support – Government funding doesn’t cover all the necessities. You will be asked to provide $100/week during your daughter’s stay to contribute towards her food, travel and pocket money.

If you’re a parent or guardian of a girl aged 16-17 years we will also ask you to communicate with our caseworkers and provide financial support for your daughter during her stay with us.

Children in the care of NSW Family and Community Services will be admitted after discussion with their caseworker.

Instead of needing the refuge, some families and young women just want some support at home. Our caseworkers provide this support and are also able to assist you with referrals to counsellors, government agencies and other community organisations.